Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Think Our True Purpose Is Big Enough!

What should you be focused on? Should you be trying to fill every health care need there is? Or is maybe the one we truly have, totally overwhelming, as it is?

Please read this study sent to me by one of our coaches – Damian Smith. It spells out the NEED for chiropractic very well AND our purpose. We could not be any more critical to the health care world than we are! It spells out the need for our HTSY class to educate the public – this problem is HUGE and needs to be prevented and cared for immediately.

Read Slowly:

“Low back pain is something that almost all people experience at some point in their lives. It is something common across sexes, age groups, countries, socioeconomic groups, education levels and occupation,” said Damian Hoy, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland’s School of Population Health, in Australia.

Back pain is the number one cause of lost work days in the U.S,” said Dr. Anders Cohen, Chief of Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, in New York City.
Hoy and his colleagues reviewed 117 published studies that included information on low back pain prevalence. They also reviewed surveys done in 50 countries on back pain prevalence and severity. Compared to 291 other health conditions, the researchers found that low back pain causes more global disability than any other health problem studied.

The second study — done by researchers in Australia and the United States — looked at data from 187 countries from 1990 and 2010. Just over one-third of all work-related disability was related to low back pain, the study found.

“With aging and growing populations, low back pain is an enormous burden in developing countries,” lead author, Hoy said. “This is predicted to grow substantially over coming decades and will likely have an enormous impact on individual livelihoods, health care systems and economies.”

Both studies were published online on March 24 in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.
When you add to this what we know – the many other diseases that are caused by this “enormous burden” and I have to ask and wonder, “Why are we searching for so many other things – advertising that we do so many other things? Creating so many other “services” and “cures” – isn’t this big enough? The world would truly be grateful if we would focus on solving THIS one. Then look at how many other solutions would happen . . . naturally!

With Integrity,

Keith Maule

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Truth About ICD-10

While all others were striking fear in the hearts and minds of chiropractors all over the country about ICD-10 and the anticipation of tens of thousands of code changes – Integrity Management kept YOU on track with the TRUTH! We said all along: Don’t be afraid – don’t go running to seminars – don’t be buying all kinds of stuff – there is nothing to fear – it isn’t going to happen – they are not ready – it will have to be delayed – and if it isn’t delayed – we ALL get the information – it is not given to a chosen few – we will make sure you have what you need and will teach it in it’s true entirety – WHEN you need it – AND WE WILL! That isn’t what many associations and insurance seminars were saying. Guess who was right! Aren’t you glad you listened to us and saved yourself so much TIME – WORRY – FEAR – MONEY – LOSS of FOCUS all over something that wasn’t going to happen just like we said it wouldn’t?

Once again, we are ALWAYS looking out for you! Here is what you need to know NOW!

As anticipated, yesterday President Obama signed the “Patch Bill,” now known as the “Access to Medicare Act of 2014.” There are three items our Integrity doctors should be aware of that happened immediately upon his signature.

1. SGR reductions in Medicare payment are delayed until March 1, 2015
2. ICD-10 is delayed until October 1, 2015
3. There will be a nominal increase in Medicare physician reimbursement of 0.5% until December 31, 2014.

The bill was signed with only a limited comment from the White House, noting that this is the 17th extension of the 24% SGR reductions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's A Whole New Cure!

“85% of low back pain is due to misalignments in the feet.” - Posted by a chiropractor on Facebook.

Let me ask you a question: Where did he get this statistic?  Where do you think he got it? DD Palmer? A quote of his perhaps?  BJ?

If it wasn’t there…Let’s say he got it at a seminar. HMMMM.  I am not interested in what DC taught him this in a seminar – I am interested in who wrote the instructor’s check. Who sponsored this seminar? Where did this seminar instructor get his statistics? Just like the Chik fil a cow's recommending chicken to save their own skin, I think I smell a cow. But let’s say I am wrong and this is true scientific data and not a cow... Is what you taught me since I was a kid wrong?

Let me see if I understand NOW. The Central Nervous System runs through or from our feet? I missed that part. We have all these subluxations in the feet that is causing nerve interference and cutting off the communication of the central nervous system that runs from our feet to the rest of our organs causing all kinds of dis-ease – or at least 85% of it from these feet subluxations – so if we can properly adjust the feet and keep them well padded – and he told us to seek out these few DC’s like him - that are feet adjustors – 85% of our low back pain problems are gone – and I have to assume almost everything else is healed too cause that is what used to happen in the old days when we were told and lied to that it was our spine that needed adjusted – wow I am glad you DC’s grew past that archaic thinking – now we can get some results because obviously when you were adjusting spines instead of feet that means that 85% of the low back problems were not getting healed - because the problem was in the feet – you must have been getting a 15% success rate all those years – nobody used to get well when you were adjusting spines – they COULDN’T because the problem was in the FEET - but NOW – Hallelujah – we’ll get our feet adjusted and some good ole pads in our shoes and our problems (or 85% of them) are solved!  Maybe on the 15% you could do one of those cervical adjustments – naw…. You can’t buy sandals for your neck – forget I said anything.

Remember, our purpose is to heal the land with chiropractic care.  Stick with Principle #1.

With Integrity,

Keith Maule

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Easy To Be Cheap...

My wife Rhonda was going to buy some decorative paper plates for a Christmas party we are hosting and on her way to the paper isle she was talking to a lady who worked at the store. The lady happen to say - "I told my husband there is no way I am going to pay $3. for decorative paper plates. I can get the white ones for half."

When Rhonda came back to where I was, I noticed that she had these ugly white plates in her cart - I said "What are you doing with these?" She said, "Well the lady who works here said she would never pay $3 for the decorative plates!"  I said - "I wasn't asking her to buy them."

We went back and got the nice ones - but it was the people who worked there who talked us out of a sale because THEY are cheap.  Do we ever influence our patients to be cheap because we are?  Are we insurance minded?

By the way,
I recently tried to buy my mom a prescription she needed - when I came back to purchase it - there was one bottle he hadn't filled - he said- "I didn't fill this one because it isn't covered by insurance." Now, was that his decision? Who told him I wouldn't pay for it?

We would never do that.... Would we?
Are there any bottles we don't fill - Like Wellness(maintenance) because insurance is used up? Do we influence cheap? Could we turn our patients into better paying and referring patients with more of a successful mindset?  
With Integrity,

Keith Maule

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The CLOSE Matters

The 6th Game of The World Series
What an amazing game between the Texas Rangers and The St. Louis Cardinals.  The Rangers kept getting spectacular hitting and going ahead by 2 runs – they did it 2 times and they were ahead by 3 even before that!  They played a GREAT game!  In fact, two times they were within one pitch of winning the World Championship – the WHOLE thing – not just the game - ONE PITCH – all they had to do was get one more pitch on the batter – one more out – and on that last pitch the St. Louis Cardinals came back – each time - and scored two more runs. The Rangers played GREAT but they didn’t close the game. You’ve got to make that last pitch. You have to close it out.  The Cardinals won the game – and then the championship!

To succeed in getting new patients and winning the game – the CLOSE is important!

When you do a screening – the close matters!

When you teach the How To Stay Young Class – you may have taught a great class – BUT the CLOSE matters - you have to close it out right!

When you give a report of findings or progress report – the close matters.

Don’t just play a good game – you have to close it out with the Integrity Close – WIN the game!

With Integrity,

Keith Maule

Friday, September 30, 2011

A Coaching Lesson From The Tampa Bay Rays!

On September 2nd we were 9 games behind The Red Sox – NINE games in September!!!!  I remember because we got our packet from the Rays asking us to BUY playoff tickets.  I remember because… we bought them.

Zoom forward to Wednesday night. The last game of the season. (BTW, there are 162 games in the season – it’s a long season)
We are now tied with the Red Sox to get into the playoffs. We must win and they must lose.
It is now the bottom of the 8th inning (my son Kyle and wife Rhonda and I are at the game) and we are BEHIND 7 to 0!!!!!  It is the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs at the Red Sox game and they are AHEAD 3 to 2.  NOT GOOD!

In the bottom of the 8th we scored 6 runs – it is now 7-6.
In the bottom of the 9th with one pitch left in our season – we have a pinch hitter at the plate – Dan Johnson – he only played in the first week or our season that I can remember and was replaced because he played so bad. He has one home run for the season – now he appears as our last hope for the season. What did he do? He hit a home run to tie the game in the 9th inning.   After midnight – in the 12th inning Evan Longoria hit another home run to WIN the game!!!
Over in Baltimore – The Red Sox – in the bottom of the 9th – Red Sox ahead 3-2 against the Orioles (the last place team who was out of contention – this game meant nothing to them) The Orioles were up to bat for the last time – they had 2 outs against them – the batter had 2 strikes against him – this is it – one more pitch and Red Sox win. The Oriole hit a fly ball to left field – The Red Sox outfielder couldn’t catch it – he misses the ball and the Orioles score 2 runs in the inning.  Orioles WIN!  Red Sox LOSE – and the Rays are IN the Playoffs!!!!!!!  The outfielders name? Carl Crawford – The Rays star outfielder for years before being traded this year to the Red Sox.

Today – The Rays are in the Playoffs against the Texas Rangers!!!!!
We have our tickets!

Why am I telling you this story?
How do YOU react in YOUR game with the 5 Year Plan?  How do you react when they get behind in your 5 year plan?  Do you quit? Give up? Or play out the season until the last pitch? Do you play your hearts out to win the 5 year plan? How long?  5 weeks – 5 months or 5 years – to the last day of the 12th month in the last year.
We could learn something from the Rays – they truly never quit – played their hearts out – and oh, yeah – they WON!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

With Integrity,

Keith Maule

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Must Stop Being The “Illegal Immigrants” Of Heath Care!

We must stop…being the “illegal immigrants” of heath care. We have earned our place at the head of the health care table. If you want to be number one in healthcare - Look like it. Talk like it. Act like it. BE it! Have you ever driven by a chiropractic office and it looked so bad you wished they would take their sign down or at least put a different name on it – like massage parlor. Have you ever met a chiropractor and wondered if they were palm readers or were in the circus? This must stop. It DOES matter! In business – your IMAGE matters. We must ALL be professional!

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With Integrity,

Keith Maule